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Studio di Architettura Attilio Stocchi

Born in Venice in 1965, he studied Architecture in Milan with Vittoriano Viganò. After receiving his degree, he moved to Paris, where he spent some time with Andrè Bruyére, Claude Parent and Jean Nouvel. For a short period he also worked with Massimiliano Fuksas in Rome. He pursues research in all areas of planning.

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“Un fuso per Venezia”


Collaborators: Laura Crespi, Enrico Prato.
The references of this project are rooted in the culture of Venice. With its foundation poles stuck into the bottom of the canals, the city makes its own existence possible, generating itself from the sea and seeping vapours that rise from the lagoon. A city of transparencies that become culture and then production of handmade objects and goods, like in Murano for the production of glassware and in Burano for the production of lace. A Shaft for Venice, the work presented by Attilio Stocchi, is the project of a post in the form of a slender, elliptical propeller that revolves and turns on a light; a beacon of aqueous vapour, of lagoon mist. A shaft for Venice to gather the threads of the winds. A post which is not a landing place, but which waits to sink, in the colours of the cloths that come from the East, of Murano glass, and also of sunset:
"Will it perhaps be said of us one day that we, too, steering westward, hoped to reach an India..." (Nietzsche)

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