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Engineering and consultancy
Management, projects and innovative echnologies for environmental remediation and sustainable development of the territory, mobility management and implementation of knowledge systems.
From its headquarters in the Venice Arsenal, renovated with a co-funding from the Eu, Thetis works today in Italy and on the international markets.
Background and expertise
Thetis’ expertise in the field of sustainable development has grown within the context of a unique ecosystem, that is today one of the most complex and fragile of the world: the Venice lagoon.

The physical system:
- Venice, a World Heritage city;
- 108 municipalities are part of the lagoon’s drainage basin;
- the industrial site of Porto Marghera.
The socio-economical system:
- tourism;
- mobiliy;
- port facilities and logistics;
- wave surge;
- environmental protection.
Business areas
Environmental and territory engineering
Civil engineering and supervision of construction
Intelligent transport systems engineering
Knowledge systems engineering

Thetis S.p.A
Castello 2737/f - 30122 Venezia, Italia
Tel : 041 2406111 Fax: 041 5210292
info@thetis.it - www.thetis.it

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Spazio Thetis
Thetis is more than just an engineering company. There are two features that make this company unique. The first is a solid ethical nature that permeates all activities conducted by Thetis.
The second is Thetis’ commitment to nourishing creativity by hosting the works of contemporary artists in its spaces, in the belief that there is a connection between artistic and research pursuits, and that an opportunity exists for reciprocal positive influences.
In leading the project to recover the Arsenale building’s functionality, it was necessary that Thetis already had an ability to understand and work with art and history. Indeed, the project required a vision broader than that of mere entrepreneurial spirit. Thetis had to be the vehicle for a new perspective, a new way of interpreting the concept of business. It was not enough for Thetis to merely begin down its own path, arm in arm with a new “identity” as promoter of contemporary art.
This observation led to the creation of “Spazio Thetis” – a place to experience the union of contemporary art and technological research and development, a place where young artists and older artists alike have found fertile ground to create something new.
Environment Park, Torino, - Benedetto Camerana
Salerno: il progetto urbano per l’area della fonderia Pisano - Donato Cerone
La rosa del deserto Wellness center, Abu Dhabi - Facchinetti & Partners
Padiglione espositivo galleggiante in alluminio - Luigi Ferrario
Ecoplastbrick - Alessia Guarnaccia
Fluidum Landscape Energy - Andreas Kipar
Reflective Natural - Vudafieri Saverino Partners
Opus ornata - Roberto Fallani e Massimo domenicucci
Il quadrilatero di San Salvario - Dario Migliardi
Fabrizio Musa
Artiglio - Pier Vincenzo Rinaldi
L’Albero delle Kimere - Omar Ronda